Pure Najomtien

Pure project was at the beginning, quite simple; create a website for sale of luxury apartments in an area named Pure Sunset Beach, in Pattaya, south of Bangkok. But once the project was almost done, the clients got new ideas and wanted to change everything. Being a big client, the only solution was to agree and make the changes. Then it never ended up and the project was getting way passed the deadlines and boring for everyone working on it. This was when I joined the company. So I took over the project in order to bring it to a close. The client was really tough so it was my job to find an agreement between us. I first asked any information about this, tried to analyses the situation and find a way out. The client being Swiss, he was able to speak French. Back in the office in Bangkok 2 days after a meeting on my own with them, I had all the necessary information to finish the project. I worked it out as well as I could and hired my developer colleagues to help me out and finish the project.

Two months after the project was done, the client came back to us to change the whole website because he finally admitted that the solutions he chose were not effective at all. We then agreed on a new contract and started over a new website instead of modifying the old one because there were too many changes. I was in charge of the complete management of the project, the design of this website and details modifications on CSS and HTML, and we had it completed within two weeks.

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