Trustoo is a French car buying advisor startup.

After the website design I have created following their new identity, I worked on their web application online tool.
This tool provides with two different interfaces, a client interface and an admin ‘specialist’ interface.

The client interface is where the user can choose a Trustoo specialist to accompany them through their car buying journey. They can manage their car preferences, see the car suggestions of the specialist, make amends on them, book an appointment with their specialist to visit the car, pay the services, communicate with their specialists etc.
The Trustoo Specialist platform is where the specialists can manage their jobs, their users, their appointments, their car selections, chat etc.

Those two platforms required a lot of prototyping then User Experience audits where some real users tested the prototypes and commented in order for me to iterate on the UX and modify the UI accordingly.
Several rounds of user testings and iterations have been made in order to finalize the platform.

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